Many thanks to the following contributors that have already been involved in the project:

Sidorela Uku and Redon Skikuli for helping with the front-end development of the website and consults. Also, thanks to Anxhelo Lushka and Boris Budini for adding security features and helping with the creation of the bitcoin wallet for possible future contributions to the project.

Also many thanks for the people behind the project for open source-ing the code of their website

Many thanks to Sonia Budini for contributing into on field mapping, adding more buildings to the website and finding more information on them and providing photos.
Thanks to Doriana Musai
Also thanks to Kleidi Eski for the improvments in the style.css of the website (design of the interface). Thanks to Nesila Hajdini dhe

This list is not completed and more names of people that have been involved with the project will be added soon.

Many thanks to Sonila Abdalli for providing information and photos about some of the villas also.

Also thanks to Anisa Lloja for providing photos about some of the buldings.

Many thanks to Dardan Vukaj for his contribution in photos also.